We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the modeling industry. We started as an online agency in Venezuela and today we are based in Miami, Florida – United States. As an agency we have a wide portfolio of professional models, grouped in different categories: kids, teens, women, men, fitness and plus size models. Check out our talents section for more details.
In model training, we are currently developing a continuous training program, in which our students not only learn to walk and act as models, but also to develop in an integral way, and be role models in any field of their life, since we work with different ages, and from an early age to maturity we can achieve that each individual is a contribution to society as a human being. We inspire the people to dream and work for it in terms of modeling. Because on House Of Top Models, we believe that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it.

In our program we include classes of:

Catwalk Modeling:

In this class, our students will overcome the scenic environment, and thus be able to move with ease and confidence in any catwalk or stage in which they might be. They will learn the different postures and pivots, the types of runways, and the tips they need to shine when modeling.

Etiquette & Protocol:

In this class, our students will be able to: Reaffirm their confidence through a favorable personal projection.
Apply the appropriate protocol in institutional & social events; and, handle the different styles of eating at tables.


Introduction to makeup, know the equipment and elements of use, skin care, contour techniques, eye-brow makeup, eyeliner, use of mascara, application of false eyelashes, night & day makeup technique, technique of artistic / fantasy makeup.

Photo Pose:

In this class, our students will overcome the fear in front of the cameras and public, and thus be able to pose with naturalness and confidence in front of any lens or stage in which they find themselves, thus achieving a 100/100 of their best angle in the photographs or videos. They will learn the different postures, the appropriate position of face and look, the concentration and all those necessary tips to shine in front of a lens

Styling and Personal Image:

We will develop all the concepts involved with the image of our students, because the personal image conveys a message about ourselves; it is the projection that we reflect and transmit to the outside, it is how other people see us and how we want them to see us, it is our letter of introduction and that is why we have to know how to take good care of it. Styling is focused on dressing; therefore, it is very important to have a well defined concept of it, and, above all, to know all the trends at first hand, to be able to interpret them as they best suit. Elements such as color and it symbolism, and the forms applied to the face, body and hair, upgrade the overall conception of our image.

Trend Topics:

This class is designed to develop in the student the highest degree of knowledge of diverse subject matters, without specializing in any specific sector, through different learning dynamics. Studying trends means understanding; it is finding a relationship between what is happening in the world at the moment, (while) observing it under the filter of what you want to project. Trends is the research input for innovation processes to exist. In this area, both current issues and topics of general culture are developed. The general culture is the knowledge that allows an individual to build his o her own criteria, analyze diverse issues, and respond successfully in different facets of everyday life.

Diction & Speech:

In this class, students will learn everything related to the art of speaking; such as, clarity and intelligibility of words, volume of the voice, control of speed of speech, non-verbal language, how to have a clear voice, look to the audience while speaking, and search for beauty in the voice.

For Kids Only:

Creativity Craft:

Making crafts encourages the imagination and creativity of children, being two skills that in their adult life will be very useful. Developing creativity trains the right side of the brain, responsible for emotions, aesthetics, spatial vision or abstraction. We include: painting, how to create bracelets and necklaces, coloring, work with recycling materials, among others.


Because from an early age, kids must lose their fear of the scene, learn how to say their name, their age, where they are from, etc, and be able to speak fluently and present themselves, with a proper tone and proper posture.

Ages we work with:

MINI MODELS: 5 years old to 10 years old
TEENS: 11 years old to 15 years old
ADULTS: 16 years old and up. No age limits, the limit is in your mind!

Professional Team Mates

Leonela BW

Leonela Gonzalez

Founder / CEO Miami

Segundo BW

Segundo Gil

General Manager Miami


Antonio Iannello

Graphic Design & Photographer / Spain Partner

Gisselle Reyes

Gisselle Reyes

International Model Coach


Maritza Guevara

International Fashion Designer


María Gabriela Ojeda

Makeup Teacher

Willie BW

Wilfred Marrero

Professional Stylist / Style Clinic Series



Holistic Lifestyle Coach

David Varela

David Valera

Videographer / Content Creator

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