2022 Classes Schedule Miami

Hello Miami!

Here is our most recent schedule for our different groups of classes.

– 2022 Classes Schedule Miami –

We accept Kids, teens and adults from 5 years old and up, who want to be trained in many different areas! Catwalk, etiquette & protocol, diction & speech, makeup, photo pose, imagen & style, trend topics, presentation, creativity hand craft, and some many other.

Remember, as a training school our mission is to form integral models; and being integral is nothing more than having a balanced personality, with a good development of all the aspects of it; that is, the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual and the social matters, among others. In other words, to train our students, boys or girls, in such a way that they can develop themselves in any environment.

We hope that your time fits our 2022 Classes Schedule Miami! So we can see you soon in our facilities. If not, we also have personalized classes. Call us or write us a text message if you want to receive information about our personalized classes, the different areas in which we can train you, schedules and prices.

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